BITC Sao Jose do Rio Preto

Why Rio Preto?

São José do Rio Preto, in the northwest of the São Paulo’ state, next to the states of Minas Gerais and Mato Grosso do Sul With approximately 500 thousand inhabitants, Rio Preto (as is informally called), is a major commercial and industrial center, besides being a regional center that supplies more than 200 municipalities in various commercial sectors. In the area of international trade, the city has an EADI – Customs Station, customs brokers, traders offices and technical structure of the Bank of Brazil.


• SP-310 – Washington Luis Highway – the main link with São Paulo, in South way leagues Rio Preto to Araraquara, São Carlos and Campinas Metropolitan Region. Ending on Highway Anhangüera and even crossing the Bandeirantes Highway, providing access to the capital. In North way goes until Ilha Solteira. In São José do Rio Preto, the highway has great vehicle traffic during peak hours.

• SP-355 – Mauricio Goulart Highway

• SP-425 – Assis Chateaubriand Highway – Leagues Rio Preto to Presidente Prudente, the border with the Paraná state.

• SP-427 – Délcio Custodio Silva Highway

• BR-153 – Transbrasiliana Highway – Cuts the country transversaly, North to South. Passes through very important cities of the country as Goiania and Sao Jose do Rio Preto.

Rio Preto has an modernized and equipped airport to receive large aircraft, and receives several direct household and commercial flights daily and the largest airlines scales in the country. The hotel chain offers the visitor or merchant, a wide range of styles, categories and prices of accommodation and services. The tourism and leisure, day and night, are at the level of large urban centers. The banking system has branches of all major banks, plus several other midsize. The media of Rio Preto is diverse and active, containing TV stations, radio, newspapers, magazines, internet providers and systems of fixed and mobile telephony.

Rio Preto is situated on a junction of four state and federal highways, and a railroad. So inputs receipt and manufactured products outflow is facilitated. It has also, for the same reason, a large flow of visitors, traders and consumers.

It is a region with excellent commercial and financial flows, with several compensating factors for investment in industrial or commercial matters.